01. Monaco was admitted to the United Nations in May 1993, making it the smallest country [represented] there.
02. There is fairly little [representation] of women in this country's government.
03. The loss of the recent by-election [represents] a serious setback for the government.
04. The views of this commentator do not [represent] those of this television station.
05. Nobuko was the student [representative] for her class last semester.
06. The lawyer [representing] the accused has asked for a postponement of the trial.
07. In the Chinese written language, the character that stands for "trouble" [represents] two women under one roof.
08. [Representing] one's country at the Olympic Games is the greatest achievement an athlete can hope for.
09. All the stages in the life cycle of the stars are [represented] in our skies.
10. The transition to parenthood [represents] a major change in an individual's life.
11. As the union spokesman, I [represent] over 200 workers in this factory.
12. Haki Madhubuti once stated that to maintain the ability to admit and grow from our mistakes rather than let them defeat us [represents] best the inner strength of a people.
13. A career as a soldier is highly respected in Nepal, and for many men [represents] the only chance they have to escape a life of poverty.
14. Both Spanish and African traditions are strongly [represented] in the music of Colombia.
15. In 1993, [representatives] of Israel and the Palestinians signed a historic peace accord at the White House.
16. Multi-racial teams were not permitted to [represent] South Africa in international sports competitions until September of 1976.
17. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen [representatives].
18. Sexual activity is unnecessary for individual survival, but it is essential to ensure that our genes are [represented] in the next generation.
19. When sampling a population, researchers may end up with an [unrepresentative] or biased sample unless the proper precautions are taken.
20. The Earth's shorelines [represent] a dynamic system which is continually being modified by the forces of ocean waves and currents.
21. At the meeting, I will [represent] the communications department.
22. Your body's immune system [represents] your first line of defense against illness.
23. In the 1300s, the Italian artist Giotto began to develop a more naturalistic [representation] in his works.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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